My name is Hera Delgado and I‘m living life my own way. I‘ve seen a lot and have always been reluctant to limit my life to thinking inside the box - either professionally or personally.

Accordingly I am working as a professional rope artist, allowing me to make my passion my profession. In my free time I‘m scuba diving and trying to fathom new and different approaches on defining relationships in my lovelife as a relationship anarchist.

Besides, being in front of or behind cameras has always been a essential part of my life. Over the last decade I produced thousands of clips and gave numerous interviews on TV and to the press.

Nowadays the camera has become a constant companion on my ropeart adventures all over the world, my experiences as a female rigger living in spain, my daily life and me having encounters with people of different cultures which I daily tell you about on my Diary Channel on Youtube.

Whatsapp: +49 160 92714581

    YouTube: Hera Delgado
    Instagram: hera.delgado